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Tom-turkeys-under-trees-CIMIn 2002, when Tom was fourteen years old, his Grandfather gave him ten day-old turkey chicks to rear. Now, Tom is a young farmer growing several hundred turkey chicks per year. He believes that a happy turkey is allowed to roam free and grow at its natural pace. He rears traditional Bronze turkeys to produce an especially succulent meat with a rich flavour which is difficult to achieve through mass production.

Keep Your Carbon Footprint Dainty!

The turkeys arrive as day-old chicks and remain on the farm until they are oven-ready. They are fed on locally produced grain milled and mixed within ten miles of Upper Wilting Farm.
Keeping Sussex Beautiful!

Upper Wilting Farm is situated on the slopes of the Combe Haven River Valley overlooking the sea at St Leonards, in East Sussex . Recorded in the Doomsday Book, Upper Wilting Farm stands on the site of a Saxon Manor. The land, which has been farmed for at least the last 2,500 years, includes ancient woodland and is farmed in a traditional manner to maintain a patchwork of small irregular fields and hedges which have been created and maintained over many hundreds of years. By buying a locally produced turkey you are helping to safeguard the Sussex landscape and wildlife.